The Secrets to Productivity While Working From Home

Like many employees dealing with a changing world, you may suddenly find yourself working remotely, possibly for the first time in your career. While you may be excited about ditching the morning commute, you wonder how you’ll stay productive and on task, but it’s simple.

Get Dressed for Work

Donning business casual clothing every day is an easy way to convey to yourself that you are ready for work. Putting on your best suit isn’t necessary, but choosing an outfit that looks and feels professional will psychologically prepare you and curb your instinct to lounge around. After all, finding yourself on the couch mindlessly binge-watching your favorite show is less likely to happen if you’re wearing a smart button-down shirt and jeans.

Schedule Your Day

Although working from home sometimes means you can work any time, you may find that freedom a hindrance to productivity if you are prone to procrastination. Instead of risking mindlessly frittering away your workday, schedule everything from important phone calls to lunch and coffee breaks.  You can even add household tasks such as laundry or paying bills if you know you can’t resist doing a little housekeeping along the way.

Plan Activities for the Kids

Maintaining a professional workday while having your children at home can seem like a contradiction, but planning age-appropriate activities for the kids can make the balance more manageable. Look for opportunities both for independent learning or play as well as times where you are able to take breaks to join in the fun. You may be surprised that you look forward to entering the world of childhood to break away from the pressures of your workday, and the kids will be better behaved knowing you’re regularly scheduling time for them.

As with any new experience, there is a learning curve for efficiently working from home, but preparing yourself for the new challenge in an intentional way will help make the transition seamless.