Even though lots of coins from different materials were minted before and are minting today, it seems like the most popular coin in the States is the gold American Buffalo coin first made in 2006.

For some reason, this coin gained instant popularity both among numismatics and among people who like to own one gold coin or are trying to find a way to invest their money into gold.

The American buffalo gold coin was first minted in 2006 and the proof coin was sold for $800. Each next year this price was higher. It was $899.95 in 2007, $1.410 in 2009, and $2.010 in 2011. Today, it’s settled at $1510.

The coin is made of full 24 karat gold and weights exactly 1.0001 ounces. It is 1287 inches in diameter and 0.116 inches thick. On the front side the head of a native American Indian is minted and on …