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Hiring Your First W2 Employees

Many start a business as a way to be self-employed. It comes full circle when their business grows to a point where they must hire employees of their own. Care should be taken to ensure that this is done legally and properly.

Know When to Hire W2 Employees Rather Than Contractors

Contractors can be hired on a 1099 basis. Some business owners try to hire everyone on this basis. However, there are some specific behavioral, financial, and relationship tests that you must consider before you can legally hire people on this basis. This is a complex matter; contact tax preparation services Long Island NY for assistance.

Understand Payroll Withholding Issues

Making a mistake on payroll withholding is one of the most serious issues in tax compliance for a small business. The mistake that many business owners make is in failing to save the money that they’ve withheld and pay this money at …


As managers, holding employees accountable is what we do. And, we expect our people to hold themselves accountable, too. These are core company values, right?

Let’s dive a little deeper into this. Accountability is more than a task. It should be a practice that is woven into your company culture ― not a box that’s checked on a list or a task that’s marked “complete” in the latest project management portal.  I am talking about the fibre of your business ― the soul, really.  It’s about consciousness and expectations. Sure, holding employees accountable is a must, but we are also talking about the expectations your team members have of each another―their colleagues and fundamentally, themselves.

When you’re talking about culture, you’re talking about the heartbeat of your firm―your core company values.  What makes your culture unique? What differentiates you? And how does that inform the way your organization behaves?  Culture …