5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects for Fall and Spring

The transitional seasons of spring and fall are great times to make improvements to your yard and home’s exterior. Such improvements help you to derive more enjoyment from your home and can also increase its value if you decide to sell. If you’re thinking about making improvements to your home, here are a few of the ones from which you can get the most benefit.

1. Build a Deck   

A deck is one of the most traditional ways to extend indoor living outdoors. It is a great place to gather family and friends for a cookout and also useful for quality time spent alone sunbathing. A deck can be made of many different materials. Fiberglass decking Texas offers several advantages over wood or metal. It is more resistant to the elements and requires less upkeep, plus it can mimic the appearance of other decking materials.

2. Add Outdoor Lighting

Part of the appeal of outdoor lighting is the magical ambiance that it adds to your yard. However, it has practical advantages as well. It helps prevent accidents due to tripping and falling under low-light conditions and also helps to deter trespassers from entering your property.

3. Build a Fire Pit

When you build a fire pit in your backyard, you can recoup approximately two-thirds of your initial investment. Not only that, but you can build wonderful family memories of gathering around the campfire to tell stories, sing songs, and toast marshmallows.

4. Trim Your Trees

Trees are very valuable features on your property. Not only do they improve their aesthetics, but they can also help to offset your energy costs. Trees need maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful; not only trimming but spraying and fertilizing as well.

5. Replace Your Siding

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s value, as well as its appearance, is to replace the siding. This is a large and expensive project, but it can yield an ROI of up to 95%, as well as improving your pride of ownership.