Why Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy protection, you might be thinking about doing so without an attorney. While you certainly have the right to do so, you should always consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney West Palm Beach FL. There are two types of bankruptcy protection. The first is called Chapter 7 and the second is called Chapter 13. You need to think about which type of bankruptcy you want to file and how this is going to impact your assets. This is where a bankruptcy attorney can be helpful. There are a few reasons why you need a bankruptcy lawyer to help you with this process.

Consider Alternatives to Bankruptcy

If you file for bankruptcy, this is going to stay on your credit report for seven years. You might also be worried that you are going to lose some or all of your assets. That is why an experienced attorney can work with you to make sure that bankruptcy is your best option. In some cases, it is. Then, a lawyer can walk you through this process. In other cases, bankruptcy might not be your best option. In this case, an attorney can recommend other options to you, making sure that your rights are protected during this process. This might include negotiations with creditors or the government to come up with an alternative payment plan. This could save you the stress of filing for bankruptcy.

Protect Your Assets and Discharge Your Debt

There are two common misconceptions regarding bankruptcy. The first is that people are going to lose everything. This is not the case. There are protections in place that can shield a certain percentage of your assets against bankruptcy. An attorney can make sure that as much of your property is protected from this process as possible.

The second misconception is that you aren’t going to owe anything. While a significant portion of your debt can be discharged, you need an attorney to make sure that as much of your debt is charged as possible. A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy can fight for your rights.

Rely on the Experience of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are thinking about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, then you need to make sure that your rights are protected. Make sure that you have a professional in your corner who will represent your interests every step of the way. You don’t have to go through this alone.