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5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects for Fall and Spring

The transitional seasons of spring and fall are great times to make improvements to your yard and home’s exterior. Such improvements help you to derive more enjoyment from your home and can also increase its value if you decide to sell. If you’re thinking about making improvements to your home, here are a few of the ones from which you can get the most benefit.

1. Build a Deck   

A deck is one of the most traditional ways to extend indoor living outdoors. It is a great place to gather family and friends for a cookout and also useful for quality time spent alone sunbathing. A deck can be made of many different materials. Fiberglass decking Texas offers several advantages over wood or metal. It is more resistant to the elements and requires less upkeep, plus it can mimic the appearance of other decking materials.

2. Add Outdoor Lighting

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Optimal Formats & Dimensions For Print Projects

If you are designing a poster or anything to be printed, then you will need to know a few basic optimal formats and dimensions for your printed projects.  Even experienced designers will need your design work in the correct format and dimensions according to your project.Once you have got past the design stage there is still the issue of actually printing your work. 

Create A Focus Point

Every poster or printed materials should have a focus point.  This will help communicate the idea of it better to your audience.  Whatever the subject matter of your printed material it will always help to create your design around a focus point.

Make It Eye Catching

Make it eye catching.  You will want to catch the attention of people with your design. Otherwise it doesn’t communicate the desired message that you wish for them to see.

Contrasts Colours & Typography

Contrasting colours and …