What to Know to Hire Valet Parking Vendors In Colorado

Valet parking has been around for a while. It provides so much convenience for drivers attending different events where someone can take their car keys and do the honors of parking the vehicle and presenting it to the driver upon departing the event. It is a cautiously crafted experience for guests. Therefore, for those putting on events, it is ideal to include valet parking for attendees.

The Guests

For your next event, consider hiring one of the best valet parking vendors throughout Colorado. It is the ideal way to make a good first impression. Many of the guests will appreciate the gesture of providing them with such convenience instead of leaving them to spend time searching for appropriate parking. Some of your guests might be females who prefer not to walk for long distances in high heels. However, not every valet parking vendor in Colorado provides optimum service. So, you have to be cautious in your choice. The choice may end up making your event disorganized and unprofessional. If you want to make sure you have a flawless and ideal event, it is best to use the right valet company. To make sure that you choose wisely, there are some things that you can do.

Getting Good Referrals

If you want to get one of the best valet parking vendors Colorado, it is best to seek referrals from family, friends, associates or coworkers. The first persons to ask for recommendations are the event planner, event rental company or event caterer. These people come in contact with a wide variety of vendors.

Ask For Site Visit And Consultation

If you have a few valet parking vendors on the top of the list, pick up the phone and inquire if they will do a site visit. In fact, the ideal valet parking vendor will usually offer free consultation and a site visit to the event location so as to become familiar with the site. This is the ideal opportunity to get to know the vendor and make sure they are professional and honest. If you find that the company does not want to do a site visit, skip to the next company. The company should want to visit the site to provide you with a plan of how they will manage the arrivals for smooth traffic flow to cut back on delays and backups.


You should also ask for a written estimate of the cost and also make sure that the vendor is fully insured against accidents and injuries. It is best to choose a vendor based on quality and not cost. Valets should be in uniform because you want your event to appear professional.