Casual Coworking – The Benefits Of Flexible Working Hours

In a very family-oriented environment, full-time employment on top taking care of a family can be almost impossible, especially when cultural narratives dictate the mother remain at home to care for the children. In a day and age when technology has made work accessible to people in an online platform, there are still many who have not benefitted from this technology, for example in Singapore.

Conversely, the country has one of the most business-friendly governments, and for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, this is wonderful. For many, though, the traditional 9-to-5 business day interferes with those who might want to work in a society where the priority is family and raising children. Fortunately, alternative office formats like coworking can alleviate the pressure of not having the time for a profession.

Keep reading to learn about all the benefits to be gained from coworking’s flexible working hours.

Plan’s Organisation

The coworking space is increasingly becoming a popular workspace solution primarily because of its cost-effectiveness, but the plan’s organisation offers professionals with an active lifestyle even a family, the chance to work outside the confines of the typical business day in Singapore. Many coworking spaces are shared spaces that offer a bevvy of amenities including the hot desk, dedicated desk, and the private office. The amenities usually include an active social calendar, community events, networking opportunities, and conferences, in addition to many of the lifestyle amenities (gyms, changing rooms, daycare, etc.).

Take a look at Servcorp Singapore’s coworking plan at to see the many different options a person can have when coworking. As you can see, the plan offers an array of options including access to meeting and boardrooms in locations around the world. However, this is just one coworking space, and what you will find is each space is unique from one another, and these spaces can give you the time to work, to be creative, and the time to build a business if necessary.

Hours Of Operation

Singapore’s business hours are similar to others in the region opening between 9 am to 6 pm, and businesses are open usually five days a week. With businesses closed when it is most opportune for parents to work, it makes it hard for many families. For many people with children or other commitments, an office that operates on a more flexible schedule can make work accessible.

The coworking space can make work accessible to many who aspire to work outside of the home simply by creating a space, in this case, office space. As coworking has become popular, space managers have increasingly made the office available outside of standard business hours. Hypothetically speaking, as a professional who needs flexible working hours, you could work in a coworking space that has 24/7 hours of operation policy.

More Autonomy

These flexible office hours lend themselves to professionals having autonomy where working is concerned. Your office hours can be created at your convenience, either very late or very early. In essence, the coworking space has made it possible for you to have all of the functions of your standard office, including access to some of the best Wi-Fi based on your own schedule. Furthermore, this accessibility does not only limit itself to providing professionals with valuable workspace, but coworking can give your business the platform for growth.

Coworking’s Flexible Format

Providing businesses with the chance to work when convenient is only one of the central benefits of the coworking space. These offices are more than workspace in that they form the community that can be a resource for both professionals and businesses. More significantly, with each one defining itself, there are plenty around to cater to various business needs