Know the 5 best uses of shuttle racking

Have you heard about the shuttle racking system used in the warehouse? It is one of the most popular types of racking systems in this market. With the use of the shuttle system, you can get the extremely dense storage with high productivity. It is an automated solution that is used for the storage and retrieval of the SKUs system. It has particular deep lane with the compact storage facilities. With the use of this type of racking system, the warehouse owner can reduce the need for the aisles. This system also helps in the maximizing the space utilization that is nowhere presents in other systems. Thus, it is one of the most common types of racking system available in the market.

This Racking System Is Best Suitable For-

Though it is one of the common types of racking system and it is quite popular among the users, this shuttle racking is best suited for the compact storage and the retrieval of the item. It is also best for the cold storage where there are chances to reduce the human involvement. Hence, keeping in mind all these suitable conditions, the shuttle racks are used in the warehouse.

Features of racking system-

Here are some of the unique features of the racking system that is described in brief-

  • This system can be totally automated and semi-automated as per the need
  • There is greater flexibility and efficiency
  • There is higher storage density and the through out of the items.

Here are some of the top uses of the shuttle racking system that you should know-

  1. It has large material diversifications

One of the best uses of the shuttle racking system is that it is having wider material diversifications. It helps in storage the materials in various different racks.

  1. It increase the capacity with dense storage

Another important use of the shuttle storage is that it is having higher storage capacity and the dense storage facilities. Thus, you can keep the shuttle racks anywhere you want depending on the items to be stored.

  1. Highly productive warehouse operations

It is another use of the shuttle racking system. It is highly productive during the warehouse operations. It helps in the increased flow outbound and inbound goods.

  1. It is highly affordable

The best reason to choose the shuttle rack is that is is one of the affordable items that are used in the warehouse.

  1. It provides safe and error-free operation

When you are dealing with the shuttle racking system, you are assured that you get a safe result with no error in the operation.

Apart from these, the shuttle racking system has automated storage and retrieval system. Thus, you can use this racks for better efficiency and workplace expansion.