Creating a Customer Service Experience that Stands Out

In a competitive business world, keeping customers satisfied is essential. It takes a lot of resources to gain a customer, therefore it is a waste of resources to lose them. When that happens, you have to replace that customer with a new one just to stay even.

If you lose a customer that usually means you created a negative experience which will be shared by that customer to their friends and family. It’s like creating a negative ad campaign against your own company. Because of the importance of this phenomenon, it is crucial that your business creates a customer service experience that stands out. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Build a Personal Relationship

One key to creating a customer service experience that stands out is to treat customers like they are valued and not merely dollar figures. An important aspect in doing this is to build a personal relationship with customers.

Forging such relationships cultivates loyalty because the customer isn’t merely doing business, they are support a relationship. In today’s world we identify more and more with “our tribe” and if you can bring customers in and help them feel part of a tribe, they will patronize your business for the way your business makes them feel special. They count on you knowing who they are and what their needs are. This is comforting And has value beyond the cost of a product or service.

Set and Manage Expectations

One great thing about business is that it is constantly changing. Markets are up and down. Innovation levels or demolishes the playing field. One thing that is in your control is how you show value to your customers. You must first expect to provide excellent customer service before you can achieve it.

If you expect to provide great customer services, then your organization will understand it from top to bottom. This also requires that you set up structures to manage expectations. If someone misses the mark, they face certain consequences. If they exceed the mark the receive rewards. Managing your expectations helps your company achieve its goals.

Own Your Mistakes

Taking responsibility for mistakes gives customers the sense that you are an accountable business that can be trusted and relied on. Some companies feel admitting a mistake is a second mistake. Most people, however, value companies who take responsibility. When a customer feels valued because the company admitted their mistake, they will often tell their friends and family about their positive experience.

This helps your business and reputation grow. This also makes customers feel like they are dealing with humans. When we humanize each other we are also more willing to forgive mistakes. And we all make mistakes and could benefit from forgiveness.

Bend Over Backwards

No customers means no money. No money means no business, so it makes sense to bend over backwards in order to take care of your customers. Sometimes this means innovating in a way that helps customers in unusual circumstances.

Most companies don’t have the resources to accommodate customers 24/7, but with the internet and customer service CRM software your business can effectively accommodate customers around the clock, setting your company apart from its competitors. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is an effective, modern approach to effectively and inexpensively handling business resources.

Respect Customers’ Time

Nobody likes to feel like they are being stonewalled. Customers appreciate their grievances and needs being handled in an efficient and timely manner. When this happens, they feel like their time was valued. This encourages them to continue to do business with your company and to share their positive experience.

This isn’t merely done by hurrying. Setting up efficient infrastructures to handle customers’ needs is an important step towards showing a customer that you care about their time.

Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street

It’s great when a customer is loyal to your business. They can be counted on and therefore, projections are easier. But are you loyal to your customers? Customers need to feel like someone is looking out for them. When they feel that, they identify with the business as well and appreciate what the business provides. Make sure your business cultivates that perception that you are loyal to your customers and then your company will be perceived and a business with outstanding customer service.


Because business is so competitive, it is essential that your business retains its customers and attracts new ones. This is nearly impossible if your business lacks the reputation as a company where customer service stands out.

If you cultivate outstanding customer service, word gets around and you will enjoy the fruits of that labor. But remember, it doesn’t happen automatically. You must commit to cultivating a customer service culture. What are some other ways of offering excellent customer service? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.