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Does it Cost Extra to Mail a Laminated Mailer?

No, it doesn’t. Postage fees are exactly the same for both paper and laminated direct mailers, which is excellent news for marketers using direct response as a part of their marketing mix. You can maximize your marketing impact by sending customers and prospects a “plastic” laminated mailer at regular automation letter or postcard pricing. The USPS ruled in 2018 that the only caveats are that the laminated mailer must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be made of paper under the laminate
  • It must have rounded corners that don’t exceed a maximum radius of .125 inches
  • It must be part of a presorted automation mailing with an Intelligent Bar Code

You can even include perforations, such as mini-coupons or membership key tags, as long as they meet specific postal code criteria.

Why Choose a Laminated Mailer?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, or DMA, studies and feedback from direct …

What Is The True Cost Of A Reverse Mortgage?

If you have been thinking about getting a reverse mortgage, but have been deterred by potential costs, think again! It is a common misconception that reverse mortgages have high upfront costs, but in reality a reverse mortgage can be as affordable as a regular mortgage in Canada. Read on to find out what the costs are as explained by mortgage broker in Brampton, Rakhi Madan.

One of the first costs that may come to your mind is the interest rate. Reverse mortgage interest rates are comparable to other home equity loans, but are usually around 2% higher than the interest rates of a regular mortgage or line of credit. In exchange for a higher interest rate, the homeowner gets tax-free upfront cash and no need for monthly payments until the homeowner moves or sells the home. This is an amazing deal for many homeowners, and is unique to a …