Should You Pay for a CRM for Your Business?

If you have decided that you need a CRM for your business, but you aren’t sure whether or not you want to go with a paid option or take the chances on a free one, then you might be overwhelmed. You might also not know which software would work the best for your industry and the type of clients you have on top of it.

If you are worried about paying extra for a CRM you don’t need, here is some more information to make an informed decision when it comes to your business.

What is the difference between paid or free?

CRM software is unique in that choosing a paid option doesn’t mean that you are necessarily getting a better product. In fact, the best free CRM can do the job just as well as many paid option if you choose the right one. Many big names also offer their software for free such as Hubspot, Zoho, and more. In fact, choosing a paid option can end up hurting you in the long run if you decide to switch over to another CRM in the future.

What features do paid CRMs offer?

Paid CRMs do not often offer much more than free ones do. While they might provide more integration options and allow you to store more client information, they often don’t offer enough reasons for a small business to choose them. If you are a corporation and you handle a large amount of client work, then it might be necessary to invest in a paid option due to the fact you are dealing with so many clients. However, for most a free version offers more than enough.

Are there any reasons not to choose a free option?

Again, the main reason why a company might choose a paid CRM versus a free one depends on the number of clients they are handling and the amount of data they have stored. With a free version, you might also be limited to the number of employees you can add to the software or how many integrations you can make between your different applications. If you are a smaller business, then a free option should probably do the trick.

What about integrations?

Of course, which integrations you are likely to use can also determine whether or not you will be investing in a CRM or not. While almost all free versions allow you to connect with G Suite, MailChimp, and Slack, if you have custom applications, then a free CRM might not cut it. Much of it depends on the size of your business, what apps are required for you to run your business properly, and what you think your clients would be happiest with.

In summary

For most businesses, a free CRM can be the ideal solution and can provide everything you need in order to communicate with clients and make sure that things are running smoothly. However, make sure that the version you choose is compatible with any integrations you are planning on using!