DIY Hacks for Your Workshop

Think you have to spend a whole paycheck on renovating your workshop? Think again. With some household items and a quick trip to the hardware store, you can create the new and improved workspace you’ve been dreaming of. Keep these workshop hacks in mind when deciding to upgrade your work area.

Mobile Toolbox

Gone are the days of having to walk back and forth from your workstation to the tool box over and over again. Creating your own moving tool storage container can be done by simply attaching tool box wheels to the bottom of your favorite tool chest. No matter the size, you can have your toolkit on the move with you, allowing you to be quicker and more efficient with your work. Just be sure to check the caster wheels that you choose fit the unit you own.

Metal Magnet Board

Are you wasting time searching through an endless container of disorganized tools? Easily display and store your hand-held appliances out in the open using a magnetic board on the wall of your workshop. Sheet metal or galvanized flashing can make great materials for holding tools, project plans, supply lists and more. You can even glue magnets to wooden or plastic items like protective eyewear and drafting pencils to help you keep track of easy to misplace items.

Higher Work Table

There’s only so much laboring you can do over a waist-level table or workbench before your back and neck scream at you to take a break. But before you go out and buy a whole new work table, some PVC piping, and a folding table can give you the ergonomic workspace you’re looking for. Simply cut the PVC piping to your desired height and slip them over the table legs for a spine-friendly work station.

Trash Can Makeover

It’s time to rethink your garbage disposal apparatus and see it for the workshop aid it could be. Turn your trash can into a one-stop clean-up shop with a few easy attachments. A wall file folder makes a great spot to keep a dustpan. Sticking some Command hooks on the side can hold extra trash bags and brushes or hang some paper towels that have been slipped onto an old paint roller for your own paper towel dispenser.

Whether you work from home, run a shop, or just like to tinker, having an ideal workspace can help you accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time. The best part is, you can do it all yourself!