What You Should Know Before Opening a Car Wash

Car washes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Not only does washing your car help keep it looking nice, it can also protect against harm caused to your paint job, undercarriage and windows from road chemicals and weather events. The more things that build up on your vehicle, the more they can react with the paint, metal and glass.

Equipment and Maintenance

Before opening your own car wash you will want to look into which types of equipment and what maintenance plans you will need to have. This can help you get an idea of the initial capital you need before you can open your company for business. You can sometimes even find car wash maintenance plans and equipment from the same companies. The more related products and services you can get from one company, the more you can plan out your budget and get an idea of what you are getting into.

Regulations and Paperwork

Starting any type of business means checking out the local, state and federal regulations relevant to your plans. This can mean looking at zoning and traffic patterns as well as getting an attorney to help with the legal paperwork. Some car wash equipment companies will also offer services such as feasibility studies and lot design. You can also find law firms to help you with any paperwork you need to file with government agencies.

Opening a car wash can be a big benefit to your local area. There are many different types of features you can add to set you apart from any competition. Looking into the types of equipment can help you get an idea of the cost of opening this business as well as which features are available and even whether you can purchase a maintenance plan from the same companies. You can also check with a local business law firm to see which regulations and paperwork you will have to worry about before you can open up for business.