Essential Packaging Materials for You Now

Packaging materials are used everywhere, and they are especially popular in food industry enterprises and supermarkets. These are boxes made of corrugated cardboard, pimpled film, paper, polyethylene and metallized packages. The choice of material depends on the scope of application. It is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the product and its physical qualities, the term and recommended storage temperature, dimensions and weight.

Polyethylene bags are the simplest version of packaging for supermarkets, which stands out among its counterparts due to its versatility. They are suitable for packing loose products and for packaging of sold products at the cash register of the store, and if necessary, the company logo and company name are easily applied to the products. To wrap up sausage or cheese, it is better to use polyethylene film. For the perfect Packaging Materials you have to choose the best deals.

Paper and metallized bags – which are better?

For the packaging of food products, paper or metallized bags are used, the choice of which is related to the field of application, and each option has its own pluses and minuses. Kraft paper products are not intended for long-term storage of goods, and are intended for packaging of bakery products. Advantages include:

Harmless to human health and the environment

  • When heated in the air, chemical elements are not released, and the product that has worked its end can be sent for recycling;
  • Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses can order the production of packages in small runs, and the surface will be branded with symbols.
  • Packages of some company are a high-tech product made of laminated film reinforced with a layer of foil. It is suitable for packing tea, dry soups, animal feedand spices. Among the range of models are models with a transparent window, thanks to which buyers will see the appearance of the goods, as well as options with Zip-lock lock. Products like these actively crowd glass containers, and more often they pack milk, juices, hair dyes. This avoids spoiling the goods at the time of transportation and saves up to 40% of the pallets

Packages – traditional packaging option

Packages are one of the most versatile and cheapest materials used in various fields, thanks to which the cost of packaging can be minimized. Packages look more attractive thanks to a smooth and shiny surface. They are suitable for storing oxidizing products, and the benefits include the ability to retain strength and shape for a long time. Any design is applied to the surface at the discretion of the customer, so the products are suitable for use at exhibitions and any events.

Buy packaging materials in the online store, specializing in the sale of products of the company. All varieties of packaging are made to order, and the nomenclature includes dozens of items. Due to the well-organized production scheme, the company will fulfill the order in any volumes, regardless of the functional purpose of the product, its shape and size.